Every year new couples are married, spreading joy and happiness. But at the same time, we have seen couples divorcing too, due to any uncertain reasons. This is why it is very common in every country nowadays. Well, taking only about the U.S., the average rate is between 40-50% – which is, of course, not a small number.

But how do you tackle these problems until it’s too late and you can’t do anything to save your family bond?

You will need to find the root cause or reasons that are paving a way. Get them resolved as soon as possible to enjoy a happy life again.

Moreover, conflicts are a part of every marriage. But when problems not addressed timely can fester and lead to the end of any marriage. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize “Signs your marriage is about-to-over” and work on them to save your marriage or if you should consider getting a divorce.

Signs might include;

  • Lack of sexual intimacy
  • Frequent behavior issues and getting mad without any reason
  • Spending more time alone
  • Trust issues
  • No respect for your partner

Author: Gnoumaya Magazine

Date: 12-27-2021

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