Japan has always been popular for its unmatched inventions and technology. Apart from it, it has a strong reputation for its distinctive culture and unique traditions that it has developed from decades. However, you might have read its culture, but today we’re going to talk about the rarest things that we think mostly aren’t aware of.

Incredible Customer Service

Well, offering your customers with great services is always seen around the world, but what makes japan different is its service industry. The industry that sets the global standard for excellent services, and they’re not doing this in hope that you’ll leave a good tip. It’s part of their duty!

Japanese Cuisine

Aside from its favorite foods loved by the world, like soybeans, sushi and miso, there are numerous other dishes that travelers actually admire. However, Natto, an adventurous dish is quite undervalued.

Tea Ceremony

We always have seen wedding, religion, traditional, culture or more ceremonies, but it’s quite interesting to see a ‘Tea Ceremony’. But it’s more wondering to know that the concept has been introduced over 1000 years ago, yet not many are aware of it. Now, it has more become a unique and distinctive art.

Author: Gnoumaya Magazine

Date: 12-27-2021   

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