The incredible watchmaking and jewelry market is growing on a rapid fire with numerous sellers, resellers, and huge buyer market.

The sales ratio is predicted to touch almost $ billion by the later end of 2025. Moreover, many new as well as brands and companies are more into producing unique and luxury accessories that further increases the sales potential.

However, many players are already supporting this mission like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, WeChat, but now eBay too has extended its support it and is expanding its presence in online marketplaces.

Last year, it had a tremendous achievement as it was seen that every 28 seconds one or two watches were sold. Additionally, the ratio is increasing and eBay summed up revenues were nearly 14% of the total, $2.7 billion.

With such a huge buyer-market of 159 million & 19 million seller, eBay in Sep, 2020 launched “Authenticity Guarantee” for luxury categories of watches and other accessories. Now, the company extends its support to the UK branded watches, costing over £2,000.

Author: Gnoymaya Magazine

Date: 12-27-2021