Meet one of the great New York chefs, Daniel Boulud.

Daniel is a 66-year-old Lyonnais, who is actually from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In 1982, he settled down in US, and is still here, serving as a head chef and is known as a bone fide celebrity in North America.

According to the French association Les Grandes Tables du Monde., “At the helm of his restaurant “Daniel”, his flagship with two Michelin stars (the third was lost in 2010), he was voted Monday by his 184 peers from 25 countries “best restaurateur 2021.”

Another achievement is his own gastronomy’s small empire is that it values $100 million – which are all established in around US, London, Singapore, Dubai, and Canada.

Author: Gnoumaya Magazine

Date: 12-27-2021

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